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Research Projects

UP Arcoast Network Projects for 1999-2000

  1. Across Island Flux of Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Copper (Cu) and Lead (Pb)
    by Dr. Zenaida Catalan, Dr. Ben S. Malayang III, Dr. Cesar Villanoy, and Fernando Siringan

  2. Archipelagic and Ocean Studies Database and Information/Policy Network
    by Dr. Gil S. Jacinto

  3. Marine Scientific Research in the Philippines and Neighboring Countries
    by Dr. Gil S. Jacinto

  4. Mechanisms to Efficiently Run and Maintain Research Vessels in the Philippines
    by Dr. Cesar Villanoy and Dr. Ma. Jayvee Udarbe

  5. Philippine Geologic Features and Tourism
    by Dr. Teodoro Santos
    , Prof. Evangeline M. Ortiz, Dr. Victor b. Maglambayan, Dr. Eddie L. Listanco and Mr. Carlos Libosada

  6. Philippine Marine Transport System
    by Dr. Glenn D. Aguilar and Dr. Ricardo Sigua

  7. Philippine Maritime Zone Mapping
    by Atty Jay Batongbacal, Ms. Maribel Aguilos, Atty Eunice Agsaoay, Dr. Epifanio Lopez, Randy John N. Vinluan, Paolo C. Campo, Ma. Cecilia D. Rubio, Julius M. Bangate, and Royce Eustaquio